Color Guide


Red is often used for Bass House.


Blue is used for Future House in general ;
but can be used for Future Bounce, Future Room, sometimes for Bass House, for OSFH/OFB and for Progressive House.

Some old videos not being Future House contained blue, because back then, the color used wasn't based on the genre of the track until WIFI by Breathe Carolina▶️ (first red color) was posted.


Magenta is miscellaneous.
Sometimes used when the style obviously matches more than one genre according to the curator.

It can also be used for genres that can't have red, blue or green, for example Dreamer - BEAUZ Remix [feat. Helen] by Alan Walker▶️ (purple, before becoming magenta/pink).


Everything that the kick may not be abseloutely constant and synched with each beat. This includes Trap, Future Bass mostly but also Drum & Bass, Indie Drum & Bass, et cætera...


That's just special editions. Can be interpreted as miscellaneous as well, but, it rather represents unusual genres, or mixes and sets.

Pastel Turquoise

Used for Old School Future House.

Light Blue

Used for Old School Future House when the lead doesn't sounds that plucky, referred to in the channel as "Old School Future Bounce".